Prof. Melissa Baker 

Melissa Baker  

Assistant Professor

Telephone: 413-545-0572


Office: Flint 203C


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Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2013

M.S., Virginia Tech, 2010 

B.S., Cornell University, 2002

Research/Teaching Interests:

Food and beverage management, services marketing, human resources management, customer complaining, service failure, emotional labor, facial features and impression formation


Selected Publications:

Baker, M. Davis, E., Weaver, P. (Forthcoming). Eco-friendly attitudes, barriers to participation, and differences in behavior at Green Hotels. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.

Magnini, V. P., Baker, M. A., Karande, K. (Forthcoming). A driver of initial guest perceptions:The frontline provider's face.  Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.

Chu, K. H. L., Baker, M. A., and Murrmann, S. K. (2012). When we are onstage, we smile: The effects of emotional labor on employee work outcomes. International Journal of Hospitality Management 31(3), 906-915.


Baker, M. A., Magnini, V. P., and Perdue, R. R. (2012). Opportunistic customer complaining: Causes, consequences, and managerial alternatives. International Journal of Hospitality Management 31(1), 295-303.


Baker, M. A., Murrmann, S. K., and Green, C. G. (2013). Dining in the city: Server behaviors, time preferences, and the effect of urbanization in restaurants. Journal of Foodservice Business Research 16(1).



Warren Holtzman Award for Research Excellence

Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech

Excellence in Teaching Award, Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Virginia Tech