Prof. Albert Assaf 

Albert Assaf

Associate Professor of Tourism/Transport Economics

Telephone: 413-545-1492


Office: Flint 209A


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Ph.D., University of Western Sydney

M.S., University of Western Sydney

GCQM, GCMS, University of Technology Sydney

 Research/Teaching Interests:

Tourism/Transport Economics

Applied Economics/Statistics

Productivity and Efficiency Modeling

Revenue Management

Selected Publications:

Assaf, A, Gillen, D. (2013). A Holistic Approach to Measuring Firm Performance: Bayesian Estimation with Desirable and Bad Outputs, Journal of Business Research, in press.

Assaf, A, Matousek, R, Tsionas, E. (2012 ).Turkish Bank Efficiency: Bayesian Estimation with Undesirable Outputs, Journal of Banking and Finance, 37 (2), 506-517.

Assaf, A, Barros, C.P, Josiassen, A, Ratchford, B. (2012). Internationalization and Performance of Retail Firms: A Bayesian Dynamic Model, Journal of Retailing, 88, (2), 191-205.

Assaf, A, Josiassen, A. (2012). Time-varying Production Efficiency in the Health Care Foodservice Industry: A Bayesian Method, Journal of Business Research, 65(5), 617-625.

Assaf, A, Gillen, D. (2012). Combined Impact of Ownership and Regulation on Airport Cost Efficiency: An Investigation using a Bayesian Semi-parametric Model, European Journal of Operational research, 220 (1), 187-198.

Josiassen, A, Assaf, A. (2012). Look at me-I am flying: The influence of social visibility of consumption on tourism decisions, Annals of Tourism Research, 40, 155-175.  

Assaf, A, Josiassen, A. (2012). Identifying and Ranking the Determinants of Tourism Performance: A Global Investigation. Journal of Travel Research, 51(4), 388-399.

Assaf, A, Gillen, D. (2012). Performance Assessment of UK Airports: Evidence from a Bayesian Dynamic Frontier Model, Transportation Research: Part E, 48(3), 603-615.

Assaf, A, Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Pahor, M. (2012). Performance Drivers in the Casino Industry: Evidence from Slovenia, International Journal of Hospitality Management, 32, 149-154.

Assaf, A. (2012). Benchmarking the Asia Pacific tourism industry: A Bayesian combination of DEA and stochastic frontier, Tourism Management, 33(5), 1122-1127.

Hsu, C, Oh, H, Assaf, A. (2012). A Customer-Based Brand Equity Model for Upscale Hotels in China, Journal of Travel Research, 51(3), 81-93.  

Assaf, A, Josiassen J. (2012). European vs. US Airlines: Performance Comparison in a Dynamic Market, Tourism Management, 33(2), 317-326.

Assaf, A, Josiassen, A, Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar. (2012). Does Triple Bottom Line Reporting Improve Firm Performance, International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31(2), 596-600.

Assaf, A, Agbola, F. (2012). Estimating and bootstrapping Malmquist indices: A case of total productivity in the Australian hotel industry, Tourism Analysis, 16, 305-314.

Assaf, A, Magnini, V. (2012). Accounting for Customer Satisfaction in Measuring Hotel Efficiency: Evidence from the US Hotel Industry, International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31 (3), 642-647.

Assaf, A, Barros, C.P, Matousek, R. (2011). Productivity Growth and Efficiency of Shinkin Banks: Evidence from Bootstrap and Bayesian Approaches, Journal of Banking and Finance, 35(2), 331-342.

Assaf, A, Deery, M and Jago, L. (2011). Evaluating the Performance and Scale Characteristics of the Australian Restaurant Industry, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 35(4), 419-436.

Josiassen, A, Assaf, A, Karpen, I. (2011). Consumer Ethnocentrism and willingness to buy: Analyzing the role of three demographic consumer characteristics, International Marketing Review, 28 (6), 627-646.

Assaf, A, Barros, CP, Sellers, R. (2011). Efficiency Determinants in Retail Stores: A Bayesian Framework, Omega: The International Journal of Management Science, 39(3), 283-292.

Barros, C.P, Assaf, A, Araujo, A. (2011). Cost performance of Brazilian soccer clubs: A Bayesian varying efficiency distribution model, Economic Modelling, 28 (6), 2730-2735.  


Awards and Distinctions:

Dean Research Excellence Award (2013) - Isenberg School of Management- University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Charles R. Goeldner Award for Best Research Article-Journal of Travel Research (2013).

Emerging Scholar of Distinction- International Academy for the Study of Tourism (2013).

Dean Research Excellence Award (2012) - Isenberg School of Management- University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Dean Research Excellence Award (2011) - Isenberg School of Management- University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

The ASEDAS (Spanish supermarket association) and AEMARK (Spanish Marketing Academy) award for best retailing paper published in 2011.

The Emerald Literati Network Award for Outstanding Paper (2012).