Special Notes

Junior Year Writing

All juniors are required to take SOM 310 to meet the Department's junior year writing requirement.

Independent Study

Each semester a number of students take on projects using the Independent Study option. Normally, one to three credits are granted, although in exceptional cases up to six credits may be earned. This course provides an opportunity for a student to undertake research or a study project on an independent basis. It is not used to grant credit for work experience or for past projects undertaken, to replace a course currently not available, or for work done elsewhere which would not qualify for transfer credit. Up to three credits may count as an upper-division HTM elective.

It is the responsibility of the student to select a topic and find a faculty member who will approve the project and serve as sponsor. An Independent Study Contract (available in Flint 102) must be completed and submitted prior to enrolling in the course. A copy of the final paper or project should remain on file in the Department.

University Special Programs

The University offers a wide variety of special programs, several of which are of interest and concern to the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

University Honors Program

Graduation with distinction is currently based on cumulative average: cum laude 3.20-3.39; magna cum laude 3.40-3.79; and summa cum laude: 3.80-4.00. To be graduated magna or summa cum laude, a student must have been in the honors program and must obtain a department recommendation for the distinction. Graduation with distinction requires that students earn their final 60 semester hours in residence at the University of Massachusetts, 48 of which must have been passed on a graded basis. Students who are interested in being graduated with distinction should talk with Dr. Linda Lowry about Department and University Honors Programs.