Registration and Course Changes

All registration for courses and course changes is done through the SPIRE system. Experience has shown that, in general, students who have taken the wrong courses, taken a Pass/Fail on a non-approved course, or lack a single course or credit for graduation are the ones who have not reviewed their programs with their advisors. Thus, students are urged to have their degree plans reviewed by their advisor on a regular basis.

Course Numbering System

We have numbered our courses so that they quickly tell you important course information.

The first digit tells you the level of the course:

1xx = Freshman
2xx = Sophomore
3xx = Junior
4xx = Senior

The second digit tells you the HTM subject matter:

x0x = General Topics
x1x = Gaming
x2x = Law/Ethics
x3x = Tourism, Conventions & Meetings, Clubs & Recreation
x4x = Hotel/Lodging
x5x = Restaurant/Food Service
x6x = Human Resources
x7x = Finance/Accounting
x8x = Marketing
x9x = Seminars/Special Courses

The third digit tells you something about the course:

xx0 = Core Course required of all majors

Seminars have a special numbering system. It follows the second-digit plan:

x91 = Seminar: HTM General Topic
x92 = Seminar: HTM Business Topic
x93 = Seminar: Tourism, Conventions & Meetings, Clubs & Recreation
x94 = Seminar: Hotel/Lodging
x95 = Seminar: Restaurant/Food Service
x96 = Independent Study
x98 = Practicum


Departmental Policy Regarding Pass/Fail Courses

In keeping with the University's expressed desire to encourage students to experiment with subject material not directly related to the major field of study, the Department has established the following guidelines for students interested in the Pass/Fail 0ption:

* A full-time undergraduate student may use the Pass/Fail option in one course each semester, up to a maximum of eight courses.

* No courses being used to satisfy the General Education requirements may be taken Pass/Fail.

* No courses being used to satisfy the Departmental requirements may be taken Pass/Fail.

* Any "free" elective credits may be taken Pass/Fail.