SCH-MGMT 632 ~ Information Management

The management of information technology resources to successfully integrate into an organization electronic commerce, network computing, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, transaction processing systems, customer relationship management, information security, and other relevant topics.


SCH-MGMT 644 ~ Managerial Economics
Microeconomic analysis and application to business decisions: cost and profit analysis; demand and pricing; investment analysis and capital budgeting; and economic forecasting.

SCH-MGMT 650 ~ Business Data Analysis
Statistical methods employed in collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Business applications of sampling, analysis of variance, experimental design, regression analysis, and forecasting models.

SCH-MGMT 670 ~ Production Operations Management
Analysis of production problems and solution techniques. Work-flow processes, technology of materials and equipment, and control of availability, quality, cost, and price of products and resources.

SCH-MGMT 751 ~ Management Science Applications in Business
Application of probability theory (discrete and continuous), stochastic process, linear, quadratic and dynamic programming, waiting lines, sequencing, and computer simulation models to selected problems in management science. Prerequisite: SOM 632.

SCH-MGMT 752 ~ Deterministic Models in Management Science
Introduction to deterministic models and techniques relevant to business problems. Topics include Kuhn-Tucker theory, mathematical programming, difference equations and discrete and continuous maximum principles. Consent of instructor required.

SCH-MGMT 753 ~ Probabilistic Models in Management Science
Introduction to probabilistic models and statistical techniques relevant to business problems. Consent of instructor required.

SCH-MGMT 758 ~ Management Science in Planning and Control

Application of management science to problems of design testing and evaluation of facilities usage, manpower organization, and information procedures actually employed by business firms or government agencies. Advanced graduate standing in management science or consent of instructor required.

SCH-MGMT 791S ~ Corporate Creativity

SCH-MGMT 821, 822 ~ Management Science I, II
Selected topics of current significance in mathematical, statistical, computer, and behavioral approaches to management and administration. Either semester may be elected independently. Credit, 3-6.

SCH-MGMT 823 ~ Mathematical Programming

Application of linear, quadratic, integer, and dynamic programming models and algorithms in pricing and resource allocation by firms; sensitivity analysis and parametric programming.

SCH-MGMT 824 ~ Decision Models in Business Administration
Application of probability theory and selected topics in mathematics to stochastic and deterministic managerial decision models.

SCH-MGMT 825 ~ Seminar in Management Science
Presentation of journal reports on business topics utilizing a quantitative approach.

SCH-MGMT 881 ~ Production Management Analysis
Application of mathematical and statistical methods and models for production management decisions and problem analyses, and for managerial planning and control.

SCH-MGMT 882 ~ Production Management Policy
Formulation and administration and production and operations management policies with reference to developing an effective total business strategy.