Graduate Studies

Operations & Information Management courses are part of the course curriculum and electives in the MBA programs at the Isenberg School of Management.  For more information, visit the Isenberg MBA program - full-time, part-time and online.


Operations & Information Management faculty members teach courses and direct the research of students in the PhD track in Management Science.


Recent research publications:


Agha Iqbal Ali and D. O'Connor, The impact of distribution system characteristics on computational tractability, European Journal of Operational Research (2010), 200: 323-333.   LINK


Ahmed Ghoniem and H. D. Sherali, Models and algorithms for the scheduling of a doubles tennis training tournament, Journal of the Operations Research Society (2010), 61, 723-731.  LINK 


Anna Nagurney and M. Yu (2012) Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Management Under Oligopolistic Competition and Brand Differentiation, International Journal of Production Economics, Special Section on Green Manufacturing and Distribution in the Fashion and Apparel Industries 135, pp 532-540.  LINK 


Robert Nakosteen, O. Westerlund, and M. Zimmer, Active Labor Market Programs and Regional Mobility of Labor: Evidence from the Swedish Recession, 1994-1995, Contemporary Economic Policy, Volume 30, Number 2, April 2012.  LINK


Senay Solak, J-P Clarke, E. Johnson, E. Barnes, Optimization of R&D Project Portfolios under Endogenous Uncertainty, European Journal of Operations Research (2010), 207 (1), pp. 420-433 LINK