SCH-MGMT 640 ~ Financial Analysis and Decisions
Basic concepts, principles, and practices involved in financing businesses and in maintaining efficient operation of the firm. Framework for analyzing savings-investment and other financial decisions. Both theory and techniques applicable to financial problem solving.

SCH-MGMT 641 ~ Financial Management
Internal financial problems of firms: capital budgeting, cost of capital, dividend policy, rate of return, and financial aspects of growth. Readings and cases. Prerequisite: SOM 640.

SCH-MGMT740 ~ Money, Capital, Markets and Institutions
Impact of financial intermediaries on U.S. capital and money markets. Analysis of market efficiency, structure and performance, and role of monetary, fiscal, and debt-management policy. Prerequisite: Fomgt 310 or Econ 311.

SCH-MGMT 741 ~ Investments
Development of general theory of investment management and its application to individual and institutional investors; computer portfolio management. Prerequisite: SOM 640.

SCH-MGMT 742 ~ Growth, Mergers, and Acquisitions
Analysis of financial problems and implications of corporate growth. Mergers and acquisitions as instruments for achieving growth. Text and cases. Prerequisite: SOM 641.

SCH-MGMT 743 ~ International Finance

Introduction to foreign money and capital markets and international financial institutions: financial planning for corporations with overseas operations; analysis of sources and uses of corporate funds abroad; criteria for choice among alternative foreign investments. Text/case approach. Prerequisite: SOM 640.

SCH-MGMT 745 ~ Financial Models
Analytical approach to financial management. Emphasis on theoretical topics of financial decision making. Through use of mathematical, statistical, and computer simulation methods, various financial decision making models are made. Prerequisites: SOM 632, 640.

SCH-MGMT 746 ~ Portfolio Theory
Factors affecting investment values of securities, and methods used in their analysis. Prerequisite: SOM 741.

SCH-MGMT 747 ~ Theory of Financial Markets
In-depth study of portfolio analysis and stochastic processes in security markets. Emphasis on quantitative solution techniques and testing procedures.

SCH-MGMT 749 ~ Seminar in Finance
Seminar in current issues and developments in corporation finance, investments, and financial institutions and markets; emphasis on application of analytical techniques and decision models. Advanced graduate standing in finance or consent of instructor required.

SCH-MGMT 871 ~ Micro Theory of Finance

Optimum financial policies and decisions of nonfinancial firms. Theory of competition and optimum asset management of financial firms.

SCH-MGMT 872 ~ Financial Intermediaries and Markets
Financial intermediaries and financial markets and development of theory of financial intermediation as it relates to growth, employment, and price levels.

SCH-MGMT 894C ~ Seminar in Fixed Income

SCH-MGMT 894W ~ Finance Seminar