Prof. Ryan Wright

Ryan T. Wright  

Assistant Professor

Telephone: (413) 545-7113


Office: Isenberg 327


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Ph.D., Washington State University
MBA, University of Montana
B.S., University of Montana

Research/Teaching Interests:

Technology Diffusion in Social Enterprises, Human Factors in Digital Business, Research Methods, Information Systems Discipline



Chin, W. W., Thatcher, J.B., & Wright, R.T. (2012) Assessing Common Method Bias: Problems with the ULMC Technique. MIS Quarterly. 36(3) pp. 1003-1019. ** Authors listed alphabetically

Wright, R.T., Campbell, D.E., Thatcher, J.B., & Roberts, N. (2012) Operationalizing Multidimensional Constructs in Structural Equation Modeling: Recommendations for IS Research. Communications of the AIS. 40 pp. 367-412.

Featherman, M.S., Wright, R.T., Thatcher, J., Zimmer, C., & Pak, R. (2011) The Influence of Interactivity on E-Service Offerings: An Empirical Examination of Benefits and Risks. AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction 3(1) pp. 1-25 309 {Cites: 2}.

Wright, R.T. & Marett, K. (2010) The Influence of Experiential and Dispositional Factors in Phishing: An Empirical Investigation of the Deceived. Journal of Management Information Systems 27(1) pp. 279-309.

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Campbell, D. E., Wright, R. T., & Clay, P.F. (2010) Deconstructing and Operationalizing Interactivity: An Online Advertising Perspective. Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application 11(4) pp. 29-53.

Clouse, S.F., Wright, R. T., & Pike, R. (2010) Employee Information Privacy Concerns with Employer Held Data: A Comparison of Two Prevalent Privacy Models. Journal of Information Security and Privacy 6(3) pp. 47- 71.

Wright, R. T., Chakraborty, S., Basoglu, K. A., & Marett, K. (2010) Where Did They Go Right? Investigating Deception Cues in a Phishing Context. Group Decision and Negotiation 19(4) pp. 391-416.

Campbell, D. E., & Wright, R. T. (2008) Shut-up I Don't Care: Understanding the Role of Relevance and Interactivity on Customer Attitudes toward Repetitive Online Advertising. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 9(1) pp. 62-76.

Professional and Academic Activities 

Associate Editor, European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), 2011-Present
Associate Editor, Adoption and Diffusion of Innovation Track at the International Conference for Information Systems, 2012
Co-Chair, Human Computer Interaction Mini-Track at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2009 - Present
Association for Information Systems, Member, 2005-Present
Expert Witness, Attorney General's Office State of Washington 

Honors and Awards  

The Outstanding Executive MBA Teacher Award, School of Management, University of San Francisco, 2012
The John Miller Mission Support and Advocacy Award, School of Management, University of San Francisco, 2011
The Outstanding Research Award, School of Management, University of San Francisco, 2010
The Innovation in Teaching with Technology Award, University of San Francisco, 2010
The Outstanding Graduate Research Award, College of Business, Washington State University,  2009
Outstanding Instructor Award, School of Business, University of Montana, 2005
The Faculty Excellence Fellow, Greek Honor Society, University of Montana , 2003