Job Opportunities 

Finance majors have a wide range of opportunities


  • Major banks employ finance graduates as bank officers in a variety of areas
  • Large corporations hire graduates as financial managers, financial planners, financial controllers, or in international financial operations
  • Brokerage firms offer opportunities as account executives or financial consultants
  • Insurance companies and real estate developers offer entry-level opportunities
  • Large accounting firms hire finance graduates to work as financial consultants for their clients



Chase Career Center


The Chase Career Center is guided by the principle that "one outcome of a good education should be a good job."  The Center has a track record of success in helping students find employment with many of the nation's leading companies.  In addition to helping students manage the career choice and search process, the Center assists seniors in securing good career employment and underclassmen in finding co-op/internship positions.  The Center is located in Room 101 of the Isenberg School of Management.