Mauricio Featherman

Affiliated Expert

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems, Washington State University




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Ph.D., University of Hawaii, 2002

M.S., Systems Management, University of Southern California, 1990

B.S., Business Administration, San Diego State University, 1985

Research/Teaching Interests:

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Office Automation Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems, Computer Applications Development, Database Management Systems, Telecommunications, Statistics, Business Intelligence, Primary Research, and Secondary Research Techniques.


Selected Publications:

Featherman, M.; Thatcher, J., Pak, R., Zimmerman, R, Wright, R. "The influence of interactivity in E-Service Offerings: An empirical examination of benefits and risks", 18(1), March 2011, AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction. (B+)

Wells, J.D., Campbell D.E., Valacich J.S., Featherman, M., "The effect of perceived novelty on the adoption of Information technology innovations: A risk/reward perspective," Decision Science, 41(4), 2010, p813-843. (A).

Featherman, M., and Wells, J. "The intangibility of e-Services: Effects on perceived risk and acceptance," 41(2), 2010, p110-131,The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems. Accepted June 2009 (B+). 

Featherman, M., Miyazaki, A and Sprott, D. (2009). "Reducing Online Privacy Risk to Facilitate e-Service Adoption: The Influence of Perceived Ease of Use and Retailer Credibility," forthcoming at the Journal of Services Marketing.


Featherman, M.S., Valacich, J.S., Wells, J.D. (2006). "Is that authentic or artificial? Understanding consumer perceptions of risk in e-service encounters," Information Systems Journal, (16)2, 107-134 (lead article). (Journal is rated as a B+, with an acceptance rate of 12-15%)


Featherman, M., Pavlos, P. (2003). "Predicting E-Services Adoption: A Perceived Risk Facets Perspective", International Journal of Human Computer Studies, (59)4, 451-474. (Journal is rated as a B+). identifies that this paper has been cited in 35 other research articles (as of 6/2007).


Featherman, M., "Tourism database marketing and computerized referral systems: Opportunities for Improved Service Levels and Increased Profits", The Pacific Rim Journal of Small Business, University of Guam, Guam, May 1996.


Featherman, M., "A review of small business accounting software - for the nonaccountant", The Pacific Rim Journal of Small Business, University of Guam, Guam, May 1995.


Academic and Professional Activities:

May-June 2008, Faculty Directorfor the Businessin China study abroad program.

Successfully led 16 studentsencouraging their personalgrowth and ensuringtheir safe return. During this time,I also served as their professor for an Intro to Marketingcourse.


April 2008, organized, facilitated and chaperoned 9 students who attended a Visual

Studio\SQLServer 2008,rollout seminar in Spokane, Washington.


April 2007, 2008 - Served as presenter and faculty interviewer for Future Cougarsof Color


June 2007 Presented to Upward Bound students


August 2006 - January2007 - IS department representative on the college-wide UPPC April 2006, 2007,2008 - Participated in MIS alumni event at Safecofield, chaperoned  >40 undergraduate studentsto on site presentations (Microsoft\Boeing, Deloitte\WAMU)


November 2005, organized, facilitated and chaperoned 10 students when they attendeda Visual Studio 2005, rolloutseminar in SpokaneWashington.


August 2005 - current- Washington AchieversScholars MentorProgram, Mentor (currently mentoringone Hispanic male - MIS major)


August 2005 - AttendedCONEXION, the welcoming receptionfor multi-cultural students.May 2005, 2006 - Participated in graduation activities for Chicano/a Latino/astudents. Winter 2004, 2005,2006, Spring 2005, 2007 - Represented the IS department and the CBE at the WSU graduation ceremonyand reception


October 2004 - Participated as faculty host for Homecoming Alumni BBQ Event


June 2004,2005, 2006 - Participated in an Alive!Summer Parent\Student Orientation


April 2004- Participated in the CBE Faculty Phone-A-Thon


Organized and facilitated SpokaneVisual Studio.NET trainingfor WSU professors (2003) Member and webmaster Chicano/a Latino/a Faculty &Staff Association


Mu Iota Sigma IS-department Professor of the Year (2005, 2006, 2007)

WSU CB Teaching Innovation Award (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

KPMG Doctoral Scholar and Fellowship Recipient (1997-2001)