Damon Campbell

Damon E. Campbell

Affiliated Expert


Telephone: 769-610-3295

Email: decampbe@admin.umass.edu

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Ph.D., Washington State University

MBA, Washington State University

Research/Teaching Interests:

eCommerce, eCommerce Customer Relationship Management (eCRM), and Human-computer Interaction


Selected Publications:

Campbell, D.E. and Parboteeah, V. (forthcoming) "The Long And The Short Of E - Commerce Intentions: Examining The Distinguishing Effect Of Time Orientation Between Behavioral Intentions And Behavioral Goals" Review of Business Information  Systems Journal.

Campbell, D.E., Wells, J.D., and Valacich, J.S. (2013) "Breaking the Ice in B2C Relationships: Understanding Initial Perceptions of Websites with the eCommerce Attraction Model" Information Systems Research, (24) 2, pp. 219-238

Wright, R.T., Campbell, D.E., Thatcher, J. B., and Roberts, N. (2012) "Operationalizing Multidimensional Constructs in Structural Equation Modeling: Recommendations for IS Research," Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 30, Article 23. Available at: http://aisel.aisnet.org/cais/vol30/iss1/23

Campbell, D.E., Wright, R.T., and Clay, P. (2010) "Deconstructing and Operationalizing Interactivity: An Online Advertising Perspective," Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application, (11), 4, Article 3. Available at: http://aisel.aisnet.org/jitta/vol11/iss4/3

Wells, J.D., Campbell, D.E., Valacich, J.S., and Featherman, M. (2010) "The Effect of Perceived Novelty on the Adoption of Information Technology Innovations: A Risk/Reward Perspective" Decision Sciences, (41) 4, pp. 813-843

Sarker, S., Campbell, D.E., Ondrus, J., and Valacich, J.S., (2010) "Mapping the Need for Mobile Collaboration Technologies: A Fit Perspective," International Journal of e-Collaboration, (6) 4, pp. 32-53

Hess, T., Fuller, M., and Campbell, D.E. (2009) "Designing Interfaces with Social Presence: Using Vividness and Extraversion to Create Social Recommendation Agents," Journal of the Association for Information Systems, (10) 12, pp. 889-919, December. Available at: http://aisel.aisnet.org/jais/vol10/iss12/1

Campbell D.E., J.D. Wells, and J.S. Valacich (2009) "Diagnosing and Managing Online Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Relationships: Toward an eCommerce B2C Relationship Stage Theory," AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, (1) 4, pp. 108-132. Available at: http://aisel.aisnet.org/thci/vol1/iss4/1

Campbell, D.E., and Wright, R.T. (2008) "Shut-up I Don't Care: Understanding the Role of Relevance and Interactivity on Customer Attitudes toward Repetitive Online Advertising" Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 9 (1) February pp. 62-76. Available at: http://www.csulb.edu/journals/jecr/p_i.htm


Academic and Professional Activities:

Member Association of Information Systems (AIS)

Member Special Interest Group on Human Computer Interaction (SIGHCI)


Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), Jackson MS Chapter

SAP University Alliances



(2012) Richard A. Smith Award for Excellence in Scholarship (Institution wide Research cash award)

ICIS (2009) Junior Faculty Consortium fellow

Selected for Associated Colleges of the South Teaching and Learning Workshop summer 2009

Kappa Delta Professor of the Month November 2008

Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher of the Year Award for Washington State University College of Business 2007-2008 (cash award)

AMCIS (2007) Doctoral Consortium fellow

Nominated for Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher Award for Washington State University College of Business 2006-2007

Washington State University Graduate School Research Travel Grant 2006-2007

Washington State University Graduate and Professional Student Association Registration Grant Summer 2007

ICIS (2006) Doctoral Consortium Nominee

Graduated with recognized distinction (top 3) for MBA class Fall 2004