Lecture: "Reflections of a Chief Culture Officer: Sustaining Collaborative Culture & Leadership at EILEEN FISHER, Inc."

April 1, 2013



Isenberg 210 (wheelchair accessible)


Linda Smircich, (413) 545-5693, smircich@isenberg.umass.edu

Susan M. Schor, Ph.D. is Facilitating Leader and Chief Culture Officer at EILEEN FISHER, Inc. As part of the three-person Facilitating Leader Team that "holds the whole," for the company, the FLT facilitates company priorities and decision making, and inspires the integration of the Creative, Culture and Business aspects of the company. The FLT also leads EILEEN FISHER in living its mission, "To Inspire Simplicity, Creativity and Delight through Connection and Great Design." In addition, Susan guides the leaders of People and Culture, which includes Leadership, Learning & Development, Social Consciousness, Human Resources and Internal Communications. Prior to joining EILEEN FISHER, Susan was Associate Professor of Management at Pace University and an organizational and management consultant. She received her Ph.D. in Organization Studies from the Isenberg School of Management (UMass-Amherst) in 1989.


Founded in 1984, with a vision for versatile clothing that supports women's lives, the collection is sold by major retailers and specialty stores across the U.S. and Canada as well as in 50 company-owned stores. EILEEN FISHER is proud to enjoy steady growth, with revenue approximating $350 million in 2012, which the company attributes to the mutual respect and ongoing dialogue they share with the women the brand serves.