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Alexandra Galli-Debicella

Ph.D. Candidate in Strategic Management




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Having worked for several small businesses in areas related to strategic management and studying corporate strategy in her MBA program, Alex quickly realized that she wanted to create progressive thought leadership around how managers in small businesses and larger corporations create and execute their strategies.

Alex graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Computer Science from Qunnipiac University in 2002, and received her MBA from Qunnipiac the following year. Alex has also worked in strategic management and marketing for several companies. She helped write and execute the business plan for a start-up industrial e-learning company. She also helped another start-up company define their marketing strategy and value proposition.

Her academic interests span many areas of strategic management: exploring the ways small business deal with growth, how businesses create value propositions in undefined markets, and international business.

Alex's parents hail from Spain and Argentina, although she grew up in the somewhat less exotic town of Orange, Connecticut. She is married to Dan Debicella (and had her wedding a week before she started the PhD program!)