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Kimberly Sherman

Ph.D. Candidate in Organization Studies




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B.A., Human Resource Administration, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research/Teaching Interests:

Organizational Behavior

Human Resource Management & Strategy

Intergroup Relations within Organizations

Contemporary Racism and Social Justice

Community Service Learning



Karren, R., and Sherman, K.E. (2012).  Layoffs and Unemployment Discrimination: A New Stigma.  Journal of Managerial Psychology, 27(8).

Sherman, K.E., Kennedy, D.M., Woodard, M.S., and McComb, S.A. (2012).  Examining the "Exchange" in Leader-Member Exchange.  Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.

Mott, J. W., Porschitz, E. T., Sherman, K. E., & Manz, C. C. (2007).  How networks impact the search for a mentor: An examination of NCAA basketball coaches and their proteges.  International Journal of Leadership Studies, 3(1).


Sherman, K.E.  Same or different? Black professors' experience (or not) of subtle racism.  Presentation at 2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting - GDO division

Nair, S., Cohen, D., & Sherman, K.E.  Antecedents of liability of foreignness: A social psychological perspective.  Presentation at 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting - International Management Division

Woodard, M., Sherman, K.E., & Hou, H.  Toward a more complete understanding of offshoring: Bringing employees into the conversation.  Presentation at 2009 Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Sherman, K.E.  Naked after all these years: An exploration of race & gender in social network theory.  Presentation at 2009 Academy of Management Annual Meeting - GDO division
Sherman, K.E., Kennedy, D., Woodard, M., & McComb, S.  Bringing "Exchange" Back to Leader-Member Exchange: Examining Congruent and Disparate Perspectives.  Presentation at 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting - OB division

Zacharias, L., Karren, R., & Sherman, K.E.  Integrity Testing:  A Comparison of the U.S. and Europe.  Paper Presentation at the 2007 International Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Honors and Awards:

Community Service Learning Faculty Fellowship, University of Massachusetts, 2008-2009 Academic Year
CSL Grant - Individual Teaching Award, University of Massachusetts, 2008
Research Literacy Fellowship, University of Massachusetts, 2007-2008

Professional and Academic Memberships:

Academy of Management
OBTS Society for Management Educators
Society for Human Resource Management

Previous Employment:

International Business Machines (IBM), 1997 - 2004

Organization Resources Counselors, Inc., 1990 - 1997