Doctoral Programs

Degree Requirements

Full-Time Residency Requirement:

The University of Massachusetts Graduate School requires each doctoral degree candidate to spend the equivalent of at least one year of full-time graduate work in residence on the campus. This requirement must be satisfied by the candidate's presence on campus for two consecutive semesters, either in a fall-spring or a spring-fall sequence. The candidate need not reside in Amherst, but should not hold a full-time job during this period. The faculty of the School of Management require that doctoral students be enrolled full-time for at least the two years of course work.

Comprehensive Exam:

The comprehensive exam covers the student's major and minor fields of study. The exam must have a written portion and may include an oral portion. The student's comprehensive exam committee is composed of at least three faculty members, one of who represents the student's minor field of study.

Dissertation Prospectus:

Upon completing the comprehensive exam, the student forms a dissertation committee in consultation with the projected chairperson and doctoral program director. The committee is comprised of at least four members, including one member from outside the School of Management and student's area of concentration. The Graduate School then officially appoints members of the committee. A dissertation proposal is written and orally defended before the dissertation committee. An approved dissertation prospectus (proposal) must be submitted to the Graduate School at least seven months prior to the Final Oral Examination (dissertation defense).

Doctoral Dissertation:

After the committee accepts the proposal, the student is expected to complete the dissertation research to the satisfaction of the committee. The student must then successfully complete a final oral examination.