Doctoral Programs

The Organization Studies Concentration

Degree Requirements

The program of study is generally completed within four or five years, and includes coursework, a comprehensive examination, and the completion of a doctoral dissertation. Normally, incoming students will have already finished a Master's degree in Business Administration.  Those who have not may be required to complete supplementary coursework.  OS students who already have an MBA normally complete coursework within four semesters. They usually take three or four courses each semester of the first year, and serve as a research assistant to a faculty member. During the first year, students build foundational knowledge in Organization Studies and Research Methods. Presuming satisfactory performance in the first year, students continue with an advanced set of courses in Organization Studies and their supporting field. In addition they are expected to develop advanced research skills in applied research methods courses. During the third year, most students are teaching assistants, responsible for their own undergraduate sections. They complete courses in Organization Studies, Research Methods, as well as their supporting field.


First Year Courses

Fall Semester

Conceptual Found. of Org. Behavior & Theory
Statistical Inference I
Research Methods

Spring Semester

Org. & Admin. Theory
Statistical Inference II
Qualitative Research
Theory & Research in Org. Behavior

First Summer

Paper and portfolio
Teaching Seminar

Second Year Courses

Fall Semester

Multivariate Statistics

Spring Semester

Seminar in Applied Research
Advanced Research Methods

Second Summer

Teaching Seminar

 Over the Course of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Semesters

Supporting Field Electives




Students will have the opportunity to take courses with faculty within and outside the Isenberg School of Management.  Faculty teaching core OS courses are Marta Calás, Tiffany Galvin Green, Ronald Karren, Jane Miller, Linda Smircich, and Melissa Woodard.