Doctoral Programs

Graduates of the Organization Studies Doctoral Program (2000-2009)

Dissertation Topics and Current Positions

Elizabeth Siler 2009 "How Does Beauty Matter? An Exploration of Employee Perceptions of Office Aesthetics" (Chair: Tony Butterfield). Elizabeth is on the faculty of the business school at Worcester State University in Massachusetts

Banu A-zkazanc-Pan 2008 "Globalization and Identity Formation: A Postcolonial Analysis of the International Entrepreneur" (Chair: Marta Calas) Banu is Assistant Professor of Organization Studies & International Management, University of Massachusetts-Boston (See article in annual report (pdf))

Jose Alves 2008 "A Multilevel Analysis of the Association among Individual Capabilities, Team Leadership Behaviors, and Performance in China" (Chair: Charles C. Manz) Jose is Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Macau Inter-University Institute.

Robert Till 2007 "A Policy Capturing Investigation of the Effects of Organizational Justice Dimensions on Pay Satisfaction" (Chair: Ron Karren). Bob is on the faculty of Neuman College in Philadelphia.

Paul F. Donnelly 2007 "Organizational Forming in Amodern Times: Path Dependence,Actor-Network Theory and Ireland's Industrial Development Authority." (Chair: Marta Calas). Paul is Lecturer & Programme Chair at the Faculty of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Jane Parent 2007 "Individual Adaptation to the Changing Workplace: Causes, Consequences and Outcomes" (Chair: Tony Butterfield) Jane is assistant professor at Merrimack College.

Kristina Bourne 2006 In and Out of Balance: Women Entrepreneurs and the Gendered 'Work' of Work-Family (Chair: Marta Calas). Kristina is Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

Kevin Farmer 2006 "An Investigation Into the Effect Representatives Have on Their Clients' Perception of Justice in Mediation." (Chair: Jane Miller). Kevin is on the faculty of business at the University of California- Pomona.

Sarah Stookey 2006 "Doing Money: The Social Construction of Money in Management Theory and Practice." (Chair: Larry Zacharias). Sarah is Associate Professor of Management at Central Connecticut State University

Terry Porter 2006 "Inside Greening: The Role of Middle Managers' strategic processes, attitudes, and behaviors in corporate environmentalism". (Chair Bill Wooldridge). Terry is on the faculty of the University of Maine, Orono.

Linda Peters 2003 "Now You See Them...Now You Don't: Toward A Greater Understanding Of Virtual Team Effectiveness" (Chair: Ron Karren). Linda is a Senior Lecturer for the online programs at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

John Bruton 2003. "Organizing Pathways to Peace: An Exploratory Study of Management Processes in Intermediary Organizations Promoting Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland." (Chair: Tony Butterfield) John is a faculty member at the University of California at Northridge.

Kathi Lovelace 2002. "Survival of t he Fittest: An investigation of the relationship between stressful work environments, physical fitness, and employee well-being." (Chair: Charles C. Manz). Kathi is currently an assistant professor of management and human resources at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.

Carlos B Gonzalez 2001 "Culture and Power: A Cultural Studies Exploration of Management in a Maquiladora" (Chair: Marta Calas). Carlos is a faculty member at the University of California-Pomona

James Grinnell 2001 "An Application of Configurational Theory to Compare CEO Leadership Styles in Entrepreneurial Organizations" (Chair: Tony Butterfield) . Jim is on the faculty at Merrimack College

Litvin, Deborah 2000 "Defamiliarizing Diversity" (Chair: Linda Smircich). Deborah is on the faculty at Merrimack College.

Vanessa Chio 2000 "Modernity, Development and Representation: International Transfers of Western Management Expertise in Malaysia" (Chair: Marta Calas). Vanessa is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Tacoma.