Doctoral Programs

The Marketing Concentration

Other Requirements

Examinations: After satisfactory completion of all course work and the first year paper requirement, students must pass a comprehensive examination.

Summer Research Projects: Students are required to complete research projects during each of their first two summers.  The first year paper is narrower in scope and intended to introduce students to the process of conceptualizing a research project, conducting research, and submitting research for review.  The second year paper is a self-directed, empirical research project which often becomes a springboard for the student's dissertation.  Both papers include written and oral components, as students will present their work to the faculty during the following fall semester.

Dissertation: After successfully completing the comprehensive examination, the student must propose, conduct, and defend a piece of original research, under the guidance of a dissertation committee. The committee is typically comprised of four professors with a record of scholarly publication in an area relevant to the student's dissertation. A student first submits a dissertation proposal to the committee. Once the proposal is approved, the student conducts the research and defends the completed dissertation before the committee.

Titles of recent dissertations include "Measuring Reverse Cannibalization: Strategic Implications for Category and Product Line Management," "Managing the Retail Sales force for Superior Service Quality," "Strategic Alliance Outcomes: The Role of Strategic Fit," "Product Complexity and Customer Satisfaction," "Managerial Perceptions of Corporate Environmentalism: Antecedents, Consequences, and Implications for Marketing Strategy," "The Effect of Ambient Scent on Consumer Behavior: Implications for Retail Atmospherics," "An Investigation Into the Impact of Human Age on Persuasion and Advertising."