Doctoral Programs

The Marketing Concentration

Philosophy and Objectives

The primary feature distinguishing the Doctor of Philosophy is the ability to make original and innovative contributions to a field of study through one's research efforts. The Ph.D. program in Marketing at the University of Massachusetts is designed to generate productive research scholars and excellent teachers. Our faculty believes that quality teaching demands a dedication to ongoing research and does not simply rest on the application of existing knowledge and theory. Thus, the goal of a Ph.D. degree candidate in Marketing is to make scholarly contributions to the field and to disseminate this knowledge through publication and teaching.

The Ph.D. program in Marketing provides a framework for reaching these scholarly goals. The program consists of courses and related experiences, which provide the knowledge base in marketing theory, research methods, and related disciplines necessary to design and complete a research project. In addition, the marketing faculty fosters a professional academic climate, which facilitates the development of research acumen and teaching skills.