Doctoral Programs

The Management Science Concentration  

Philosophy and Objectives

Research in Management Science is diverse, with students concentrating in mathematical programming, stochastic models, applications and interface with production management, applications and interface with economic theory, applications and interface with finance, computational aspects of mathematical programming, and statistical data analysis for decision support. A small set of preparatory courses is mandatory for all Ph.D. students. Elective courses depend upon interests and concentrations. A dissertation meets requirements toward completion of the Ph.D. program if it advances the knowledge in an area of specialization and is sound in theory, computation, and application. The Ph.D. program by nature of Management Science accommodates diversity.

Upon entering the Ph.D. program, students are assigned a temporary adviser to customize their studies by reviewing their academic preparation and helping to design a suitable program of courses.

Graduate faculty of the Department of Finance and Operations Management meet at least once a semester to approve each student's program and monitor progress.

Students work very closely with the faculty in this highly selective program and through various grants and projects initiated by the faculty have opportunities to present their work at scholarly conferences and to write scholarly articles. Graduates of the program typically assume positions at academic institutions since research as well as teaching are highly valued by the program. Recent graduates are now professors at: the University of Connecticut, UMASS Lowell, UMASS Amherst, University of Arkansas, State University of New York at Oswego, and at DePaul University, among other institutions. Other PhD recipients supervised by the outstanding faculty in this program have attained positions of leadership in major financial services companies, consulting companies, software development companies, and logistics companies.

Examples of some recent doctoral dissertation titles of graduates of the Management Science Ph.D. program are: "Productivity and Comparative Analysis in Service and Manufacturing Operations," "Synthesis of Lagrangean Relaxation and Polyhedral Theory for the Solution of Routing Problems," "Effective Practices of Continuous Quality Improvement in U.S. Colleges and Universities," "Statics and Dynamics of Complex Network Systems: Supply Chain Analysis and financial Networks with Intermediation," "International Financial Networks and Global Supply Chains: A Unified Framework for Decision-Making, Optimization, and Risk Management," and "Transportation Network Policy Modeling for Congestion and Pollution Control: A Variational Inequality Approach," which was awarded the 1999 Transportation Science Section of INFORMS Dissertation Prize.