Doctoral Programs

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Concentration

Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of 45 credits coursework plus 18 credits of dissertation credits for a total of 63 credits. In addition, doctoral candidates must pass qualifying examinations during their second year and a comprehensive exam after completion of the coursework and further preparation. The curriculum includes three HTM Core course requirements (9 credits). The Tourism Theory course (SCH MGT 883) introduces paradigmatic organization of the field and as such, provides the framework for all areas of hospitality. It includes reviews and critiques of scholarly research on the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism. The second course, Seminar in Hospitality Research (SCH MGT 888), addresses theory and applications in hospitality research. It demonstrates the application of mainstream theories in economics, the social sciences, and other business disciplines to the HTM field. The third course (SCHMGMT 885) examines theories, models and research in services marketing and management. The core includes an additional management foundation course (3 credits) whereby students examine a collection of Great Books in management theory. This course offers a solid foundation for HTM doctoral students who ultimately will be conducting research in and about Hospitality and Tourism organizations. Students also complete a minimum of six Research Foundation courses (18 credits), an Isenberg SOM or related subfield (9 credits), and electives (6 credits).