Doctoral Programs

The Accounting Concentration 

Graduates in the Field:

Graduates of the University's Ph.D. program in Accounting have pursued academic careers at Michigan State, Duke, Penn State, Boston College, Northeastern, Washington State, University of Texas, Boston University, Drexel, University of South Carolina, University of Connecticut, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and other major state and private universities throughout the country.

To be successful at major universities, faculty must not only be excellent teachers, they must also publish rigorous academic research. As a consequence, an important measure of the quality of a Ph.D. program is the success of its graduates in research and publication.

Graduates of the UMass program are active contributors to leading research journals. In fact, a review of the publication activity of Ph.D. graduates indicated that UMass was fourth in the nation (after Rochester, Stanford and Cornell) in terms of the percentage of graduates who have published in Accounting and Finance journals (refers to schools with over ten graduates - in "A Comprehensive Examination of Accounting Faculty Publishing," by Zivney, T., Bertin, W., and Gavin, T., Issues in Accounting Education, Vol. 10, No. 1, p. 1).

Importantly, the majority of our recent graduates have published their dissertations or subsequent research in the most prestigious research journals of the field (i.e., Journal of Accounting Research and The Accounting Review). The ability to publish in these top-tier journals is essential to a successful career at major research universities. In addition, our graduates have published in leading Psychology and Finance journals. Two of our students have also won the outstanding dissertation award from the Accounting, Behavior, and Organizations section of the American Accounting Association. This level of success compares very favorably with major Ph.D. programs in the country.

Given the established history of our program (in operation for over 30 years), our graduates have also achieved considerable success in areas outside of research. For example, in addition to holding chaired research positions, our graduates have served as department chair or dean at universities worldwide, and have taken active roles in professional accounting organizations.