Doctoral Programs

Applying to the Program

Application Procedures:

Application materials can be obtained directly from the UMass Graduate School. When all materials have been submitted to the Graduate School, they are forwarded to the director of the doctoral program at the School of Management. A committee of faculty members reviews the applicant's file and makes recommendations for admission to the director. Final recommendations are made by the director and forwarded to the Graduate School.

All prospective students are strongly encouraged to visit the campus and meet with the director of the doctoral program, faculty members, and current Ph.D. students in the candidate's major field of interest. The best time to schedule an interview is October through March. Admission is in the fall semester only. Students may, however, take courses before entering the program, and transfer up to six credit hours of such course work toward the degree.

Application Deadline: Applications must be completed by January 20 to be considered for admission the following September. 


Financial Assistance:

Teaching and research assistantships are available each year to qualified, regularly enrolled doctoral students. Students who receive teaching or research assistantship will not pay any tuition and will receive a stipend and health insurance coverage. An assistantship usually requires between 15 and 20 hours of work per week, and is renewable usually for four years, provided the student exhibits satisfactory progress toward the degree and satisfactory performance as an assistant. Students with assistantships usually serve at least one year as a teaching assistant and at least one year as a research assistant. Further, second, third and fourth year students may supplement their academic-year stipend by teaching evenings and during the January and summer inter-sessions, and by serving as research assistants during the summer.

In addition, the University offers a number of other Fellowships and Assistantships that require no service from the recipient and are awarded on a University-wide competitive basis.