Doctoral Programs

Message from the Director:

The primary feature distinguishing the Doctor of Philosophy degree is the ability to make original and innovative contributions to a field of study through one's research efforts. The Ph.D. program at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts is designed to produce productive research scholars who will typically assume academic positions in their chosen fields. The degree requirements for the Ph.D. focus on acquiring research skills to conduct rigorous research. Through class work and mentoring relationships with faculty, students obtain state-of-the-art theoretical and methodological foundations to design and conduct this research independently.


There are eight different areas of specialization in the Isenberg PhD program: Accounting, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Marketing, Management Science, Organization Studies, Sport Management and Strategic Management.  Each specialization area tailors coursework and research opportunities to explore the frontiers of research applicable to that discipline. The programs in the areas of specialization are highly selective, and admit 2-3 students per year.


The Isenberg PhD program is taught by faculty who are internationally recognized for their research and teaching expertise.  As a major research institution, there are outstanding support services; the library and computing facilities at the University and within the school facilitate the research mission. Incoming students are provided with research support for four years, with options of a fifth year of funding. In exchange, students gain experience as research assistants and teaching experience through independently teaching some courses. Another important feature is that the program consists of PhD students from around the globe, who form a cohesive community to support each other academically and personally. Together, with the very accessible faculty, and one of the top rated college towns in America, students who attend the Isenberg program will be in an ideal environment to live and work.


If your goal is to earn a PhD to become a productive research scholar in one of the eight Isenberg PhD program specialization areas, we encourage you to learn more and apply.


--George R. Milne, Director