Isenberg's Online, Web-Based Recruiting system

What is it?
Experience is a web-based product created by a firm named Experience, Inc. for universities and employers to manage campus-recruiting activity. Students create personal/academic profiles, upload resumes, cover letters and other application material and apply to employment opportunities. For on-campus interviews, students sign up for interview times, access application status and manage their recruiting process. Easy.

Why use Isenberg Experience?
It is THE place to search for and apply to opportunities with companies who recruit Isenberg students. Searching for and applying to opportunities, and managing your recruiting process is easy, user friendly and time efficient. Those who register will be notified via email about upcoming recruiting events and opportunities.

Why Two systems? University Career Services and Chase Career Center?
Seniors in the Isenberg School of Management should be registered in Full time opportunities are posted daily here. Your active account will guarantee emails about upcoming deadlines as well as recent posting for both on campus and off site recruiting opportunities.

The Field Experience Program is administered through University Career Services. For most Field Experience opportunities, you need to access the UMass CareerConnect system through the University Career Services office - Occasionally, co-ops and internships are posted in the Chase Career Center database specifically for School of Management students. Several firms recruit through both Chase Career Center and University Career Services.


All Isenberg students should register in both systems. Students will have a different username and password for each system. Note that each system is the same functionally, but the Isenberg Experience system is for Isenberg students only.


How do I Start?
Visit to login.  Your username will be the letters ISB and then your Student ID # (e.g. ISB123456789).  Your password will be Isenberg (case sensitive).  If you cannot log in, please contact Melissa Salva at with your SPIRE # so that she may reset your account.  

University Career Services CareerConnect address:
If you have difficulty logging into the UMASS system, please contact the help desk at 545-2224.
NOTE: If you receive the message "You need to enable your browser to accept cookies", within Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu. Select Internet Options and click on the "Privacy" tab along the top. Move the slider to the "Low" position and click "OK."