Benefits to Students

  • Expanded job or internship postings
  • Easy access to positions not specifically related to business focused areas
  • Opportunity to post your resume to multiple employers
  • Additional resources at your finger tips


Isenberg students will want to become familiar with the functionality of the Experience system via both the Chase Career Center and UMass Career Services webpages. Navigating the systems is straightforward and user friendly. Each system has its own specific nuances and it will take a small amount of time to become familiar with both. Important tips to remember:


  • Keep your profile updated.
  • 95% of co-ops and internships are posted in the UMass Career Services site.
  • 5% of co-ops or internships that are specific to Isenberg majors are posted in the Isenberg Experience system.
  • All Public Accounting opportunities, internship and full time opportunities, are posted in the Isenberg Experience system.


Your Isenberg Experience profile will accommodate uploading resumes, cover letters and other application materials including Word Documents of your Unofficial Transcript.