Unpaid Internships


Thinking of offering credit for your unpaid internship? A number of employers who seek Isenberg students for internships are unable to pay but would like to offer them something, so they indicate that the internship is for credit.

The reality is that employers can't give credit for their internships, only the University of Massachusetts can issue academic credit. During the summer or winter session, students must pay for those credits which can create an extra financial burden for some. Please keep in mind that if you mandate credit, you may lose some valuable candidates. You may wish to consider a travel reimbursement or perks of some sort instead.


The University of Massachusetts does not require students to complete internships but it does offer several options for students wishing to pursue academic credit while participating in an internship or co-op.


There are a number of considerations employers should be aware of in offering unpaid internships. Below are links to articles related to these considerations for illustrative purposes only.


Legal Issues Surrounding Internships 

Is Your Unpaid Internship Program Unlawful?


Hold Harmless Agreements

While the University may assist in providing resources for students, we do not place students into internships and students who pursue internships do so individually. Therefore, we do not have a legal relationship between the student and the internship employer.