Your Sophomore Year

Get involved and plan for success.

  • Continue exploring your interests through courses and activities. Consider a double major or minor outside of the Isenberg School of Management to broaden your horizons. If you're thinking of a major outside of Isenberg SOM, study abroad, or explore a domestic exchange, see your academic advisor in the Undergraduate Programs Office (Isenberg Suite 206).
  • Take initiative and seek leadership opportunities. Community service, campus activities, and sports. Employers value leadership experience.
  • Write or update your resume! Chase Career Center staff can help you get started.
  • Attend Chase Career Center programs to learn about a variety of major and career related topics, including speaker panels focused on each Isenberg major, how to declare a major, resume writing, field experience orientation, and developing networking skills. Workshops offered through Chase Career Center, include Career Fair Success, Resume & Cover Letter Writing, Networking Strategies, and Interview Skills.
  • Go to career fairs! The Isenberg Career Fair is held in early fall semester and the University Career Fair is held in February.
  • Explore work experiences including internships and co-ops. Multiple experiences are highly valued by employers.
  • Learn how the Chase Career Center's Alumni Mentor program can help you explore potential careers through informational interviews with Isenberg alum.
    Come to the Chase Career Center to learn more.
  • Use eRecruiting to find internship and co-op opportunities. Understand how to use both the Isenberg eRecruiting system and the University Career Services eRecruiting system. Pick up additional materials about using these systems in the Chase Career Center.
  • Develop relationships with advisors, faculty, and staff. They can provide you with insights and understanding that could affect your choice of a major or pursuit of a career. They may also become a key part of your professional network.
  • Broaden your business knowledge by reading business publications such as Business Week or the Wall Street Journal.
  • Consider Study Abroad. Be strategic about when you choose to study abroad.