Your Junior Year

READY, SET, GO!! During junior year a large number of employers visit campus for internship and co-op opportunities.

First Semester


  • Get on the track to success-Register with eRecruiting and learn how to make it work for your internship or co-op search.
  • Understand your strengths and identify areas for improvement. Make a list of professional skills and how you can acquire or further develop others.
  • Update your resume and cover letter Attend a resume/cover letter writing workshop and see a Chase Career Center advisor to review your drafts and prepare for interviews.
  • Explore internship and co-op options early. Deadlines for large employers and many internships are as early as November. Check out job descriptions in eRecruiting and employers web sites to learn about skills and characteristics sought by employers.
  • Use eRecruiting to find internship and co-op opportunities. Understand how to use both the Isenberg eRecruiting system and the University Career Services eRecruiting system. Pick up additional materials about using these systems in the Chase Career Center.
  • Research! Learn about your targeted companies, industries, and opportunities. Compile a "Plan A" and "Plan B" list of possible options and begin applying for them via eRecruiting and
    other sources.
  • Meet employers at Isenberg Career Day, Co-op/Summer Job Fair, company presentations, resume review, practice interviews, speakers, student organization events, and other
    career activities.
  • Expand your professional network through clubs, professional organizations, family, friends, other students, faculty, and staff. Tell people about the kinds of positions you seek.
  • Learn how the Chase Career Center's Alumni Mentor program can help you explore potential careers through informational interviews with Isenberg alum. Come to the Chase Career Center to learn how.


Winter Break and Second Semester


  • Check eRecruiting. Many positions are posted during winter break. Stay informed and apply to those opportunities that interest you. Follow-up on applications.
  • Attend Junior Jumpstart. The program is held during early second semester.
  • Stay positive. Maintain a positive attitude, be flexible and realistic. The internship/co-op search can take time. Have at least one focus area, but pursue alternatives.
  • Revisit the Career resources, including search engines, websites, publications, trade journals, professional associations, and directories; many of these are available on campus through the Dubois Library, University Career Services, and the Chase Career Center.
  • Refine interview skills through individual coaching and practice interviews with Chase advisors.
  • Network with Isenberg seniors to learn about possible internships/co-ops and contacts.