What is an Internship?

Definitions for these experiences vary from university to employers. UMASS and the ISENBERG School use the term "internship" in the following manner:

• Internships refers to any unpaid opportunity that is related to an academic area. Internships can be semester or summer based opportunities. Some internships may be narrowly defined in terms of a specific project while others provide a broad exposure to a company, department or organization.
• Internships carry academic credit and must be sponsored by an ISOM faculty member. BBA candidates (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations Management) who have declared their Isenberg major may earn 3 upper level elective credits.
• Internship usually refers to a one time work assignment, most often in the summer, but not always. Good semester based internships are available!
• Internships are generally, but not always, part time.
• Internships are usually associated only with credit. However, they can occasionally offer a stipend or other compensation, such as housing or mileage, as well.

Students pay normal tuition and fees while doing internships during a semester. Internship credits are added as another class to students' schedules. During the summer and winter session, internship credits are paid for through Continuing Education and are less costly than during the academic year.

Internship Recruiting Timeframe:

Students seeking summer internships should begin looking as early as fall semester. However, many summer credit bearing internships are posted well into the spring semester and even early June.

Students seeking semester based internships should look for opportunities the semester prior to the desired start time. For fall internships, you may find opportunities posted in August for a September start.

All internships are posted in the UMASS and ISENBERG erecruiting websites.

Benefits of a Semester Based Internship:

• Broaden your experience. Local internships in the Amherst/Western MA area are varied and interesting.
• Intern part time - no more than 10 - 15 hours weekly
• For declared majors, you can earn an upper level elective through an internship.
• Increased the chances you will have a job by the time you graduate! Haven't had a chance to do a co-op or internship? Been abroad? Got a late start? Smart first semester seniors recognize the value of a semester internship.