Credits for Internships and Co-ops

Isenberg Internship Program Credit Award Stipulations

• Internships are credit bearing, involve faculty sponsorship, are unpaid and part time. In each department, students may earn a maximum of three upper level departmental electives for an internship experience. These credits may be used only once during a student's career at the Isenberg School.

• Co-ops are compensated hourly positions related to academic interests. Students may earn credits for co-ops, should they choose, based on the academic content of the co-op.

All students who plan on participating in the Isenberg Internship Program during the current or following semester/summer must attend a mandatory "Orientation to Internships/Co-ops". See Chase Career Center Calendar for date/times of weekly orientation sessions.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Candidates

All BBA majors in the Isenberg School of Management adhere to the following guidelines regarding Isenberg Internship Program.

An internship is an experience in a practice environment, with faculty involvement, and which has academic content

• All BBA candidates may earn, in total, a maximum of three credits for all internship or co-op experiences. That is, no more than three credits, in total, can be counted towards the University's 120 credit-hour requirement for graduation.

• Internship or co-op credits help satisfy the University's 120 credit-hour requirement for graduation; however, these credits cannot be used toward fulfilling any departmental credit requirements.

Academic credit awarded for departmental Internships is limited to three credits. (link to Departmental Internship/Co-op credit procedures)

Approval of faculty sponsor should be obtained prior to undertaking the internship experience. Credits are earned either in the student's major or as general electives applied toward graduation.

Sophomores who meet the internship eligibility requirement of 45 completed credits MAY earn 3 University (UMASS 298) credits ONLY WHEN an employer requires credits.

Bachelor of Science (BS) Candidates

HTM: for students interested in earning credits for an internship, contact Derek Bratton at

Sport Management majors have different credit allowances for internships. See Credits for Internships/Co-ops/BS Candidates for specific departmental policies

Internship/Co-op Credit Eligibility Requirements

Students must have a minimum of 45 credits and 2.0 GPA or higher. Most internships receive a pass/fail grade.

All completed co-ops are listed on student transcript once final evaluations from the student and the co-op supervisor are turned in.