Professional Seminar in Career Management (Pro Sem)

The MBA program offers this mandatory course in career management to full-time MBA students, designed to help students with career planning and placement. This course takes advantage of alumni panels, professional seminars and networking events to complement classroom instruction.

The primary objective of "Pro Sem" is to help our MBA students develop a competitive edge by better understanding the challenges, and opportunity, in the ever-changing emerging job and internship marketplace. Successful students will demonstrate a sound understanding of their personal skill sets; a well-constructed career plan; and the insight and energy to be proactive regarding their career goals.

Course objectives include: 

  • Assess and articulate your personal career skills, interests, and values
  • Learn skills to effectively market and present yourself to prospective employers. This includes a strong emphasis on personal networking capability
  • Effectively research jobs, career paths, and employers
  • Align career goals, and effort, with the employment marketplace