Business Communication Courses


Core Junior Year Writing Course


The Business Communication Program offers Management Communication (SCH-MGMT 310) as its primary course for satisfying the Junior Year Writing requirement. We offer 15-20 sections of Management Communication each semester. Taught by different members of the Business Communication Program faculty, each section of Management Communication reflects interests and expertise of the faculty as well as helps develop competency in important areas of business communication. Prerequisite: ENG 112 or 113.


In any section of Management Communication, you can count on learning the following:


  • Writing with a clear purpose in mind
  • Understanding the role of audience and communicating from the reader's point of view
  • Writing for your career -- including work on resumes and cover letters
  • Writing effective, everyday messages -- whether delivering bad news or requesting information
  • Using argument and persuasion effectively and logically
  • Speaking and presenting with style and professionalism
  • Using PowerPoint and other technology to enhance workplace communications
  • Designing and organizing documents and presentation slides to enhance the audience experience
  • Giving and receiving feedback on communications
  • Recognizing standard business documents and formats, such as emails, cover letters, executive summaries, short reports, and memos


In addition, you may also learn about these special subject areas:


  • Research methods and information literacy
  • Intercultural communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Visual rhetoric
  • Group writing
  • Networking and interviewing


Specialized Junior Year Writing Courses


The Business Communication Program offers specialized courses built around the areas of interest or business major. These courses are typically offered only once during the academic year, in either the fall or spring semester. All specialized business communication courses meet the Junior Year Writing requirements for the Isenberg School. Prerequisite: ENG 112 or 113.


SCH-MGMT 310, Management Communication ESL

Instructor: Susan Johnson | sample syllabus


A course designed for students whose first language is not English to help them communicate effectively, both when writing US business documents and giving professional presentations. Contact the UG Dean's office for registration process. Maximum capacity: 18


SCH-MGMT 315, Marketing Communication

Instructor: Herman Fong | sample syllabus


Exploring communication and writing issues pertinent to marketing, as well as business and management in general, this course gives students practice in forms of communication that serve to promote people, products, services, organizations, and ideas, which can be used in and applied to a number of professions. Recommended for marketing majors and other majors interested in marketing communication strategies.


SCH-MGMT 317, Sport Management Communication

Instructor: Robert Bowse | sample syllabus


This course uses sport management contexts to explore various business communication topics, forms and strategies. Special emphasis on branding and image restoration as well as basic business writing and employment communications. Designed specifically for sport management majors.


Note: All courses listed above meet Junior Year Writing requirements for the Isenberg School. Prerequisite: ENG 112 or 113.


Elective in Public Speaking


This elective course offers students the opportunity to develop and improve their professional oral communication skills. Please note that this course does not satisfy the School's Junior Year Writing requirement.


SCH-MGMT 292C, Mastering Oral Communication


Gail Cruise, M/W 11:30-12:45 | sample syllabus

Michael Schurter, T/Th 11:30-12:45 | sample syllabus


Emphasizing oral communication skills through practice and delivery of business and career-oriented speeches. Incorporates feedback, presentation practice, and videotaping/coaching. Learn how to engage an audience, emphasize points with confident body language, and create convincing and concise talks. Designed for all business majors.