Student Teams Excel in MBA Net Impact Consulting Challenge

January 23, 2013


A student team's strategic project on behalf of the community group, Amherst Media, has won Isenberg MBA Net Impact's annual winter-session Consulting Challenge. Net Impact (NI) is an international organization of students and professionals who deploy business skills on behalf of social and environmental causes. Isenberg's 40-person graduate chapter, which comprises MBA and Masters in Public Policy and Administration students, holds coveted gold status from the parent organization.


In its presentation on January 19, the winning team recommended to 6 judges and Amherst Media that it expand its reach as a trainer of Apple's Final Cut Pro software by offering Authorized Apple IT training as well. Amherst Media provides community-based cable TV programming, public access to television production resources, and technology and multimedia training.


Student teams in the competition also completed pro bono consulting projects for four other clients: Celia Grace (fair trade wedding dresses), PV Local First (consumer promotion of local banking services), PV2 (solar electrical systems installations), and Woo Foods (certification of restaurants with healthful food choices).


"The projects give our students opportunities to apply Isenberg skills in the real world," notes Spirit Joseph '13 MBA, who was NI's president from January 2012 through last December. "The clients--many of whom are nonprofits or social entrepreneurs--hold those skills at a premium." Woo Foods, he notes, is the brainchild of students at the UMass Med School in Worcester. "Last year, UMass President Robert Caret publicly praised their work," he continues. "They are passionate about making a difference in public health but needed help with their business. It's fantastic to create synergy between our two campuses for the improvement of public health."