Macy's Among 80 Companies Attending Oct. 3 Isenberg Career Day

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on Career Day

September 26, 2013

When Isenberg's Chase Career Center welcomes 1,200 students and 80 companies to its annual Career Day on October 3, Macy's will be prominent among them. Career Day, which will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at UMass Amherst's Campus Center Auditorium, allows students and company recruiters to connect and exchange information with one another. For students, it often leads to interviews with recruiters, and to subsequent internships and employment after graduation.


Recruiter Profile: Danica Porter--Macy's

Danica PorterMacy's has been among the top ten recruiters at Isenberg for a decade. Danica Porter, a College Relations Manager with Macy's, explains why Isenberg students and Macy's are such an excellent fit:


"For us, Isenberg's Career Day is a major sourcing/starting point that allows us to touch base with talented, focused students," notes Danica Porter, College Relations Manager with Macys. "We bring at least four executives to the event; students can learn a great deal about our career opportunities and culture."


Traditionally, those opportunities have focused on store management positions, often for marketing students. But Porter emphasizes that Macy's hires from all majors. And more recently, Macy's, which has about 840 stores throughout the United States, has been hiring tech savvy students for opportunities in logistics and supply chains. That includes candidates in Isenberg's high-powered Operations & Information Management major. "Isenberg, in fact, has become a top school for our internships in logistics," notes Porter.


For Isenberg and its Chase Career Center, Macy's has been a top-ten recruiter for a decade. "Isenberg is one of my favorite places to visit," Porter continues.  "Chase has the students exceedingly well-prepared and makes the logistics of recruiting at Isenberg seamless and efficient. And the students are extremely proactive; they ask strategic questions and present us with excellent resumes. They are confident and poised-always ahead of the curve."


Next week, in our lead-up to Career Day on October 3, Isenberg News will feature a recruiter profile of Diana Frascella of Vistaprint.