Isenberg Professor Advises Business Leaders on Managing Millenials

September 4, 2013

The Millenials are tech savvy and work well in teams, but they are roamers who on average have seven jobs by age 26, Isenberg professor of marketing Charles D. Schewe told the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield at its monthly breakfast on September 4. Schewe, who was the breakfast's featured speaker, is an authority on the demographics, values, and lifestyles of generational cohorts. Currently in their late teens to early thirties, the Millenials, a.k.a. Generation Y, are the fastest growing cohort in today's workforce. In ten years, they'll account for 75% of the world's workers, so understanding them is critical, Schewe told Springfield's business and community leaders.  More on Professor Schewe and Millenials on