Isenberg Faculty & Staff Have Highest Giving Participation Rate on Campus

January 31, 2013

From left to right: Bob Nakosteen, Susan Boyer and Chris AgogliaFrom left to right: Bob Nakosteen, Susan Boyer and Chris Agoglia


The numbers are in-and Isenberg owns the highest participation rate on campus in the 2012 Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign for UMass Amherst. With faculty and staff participation at 41%, Isenberg has emerged the clear campus leader, topping other campus units of comparable size by 15% or more. Participation at Isenberg improved from 36% in 2011.  For the 2012 campaign, 109 of Isenberg's 263 employees stepped up with $113,311 in support. That secured an additional $80,452 match for the School from an incentive fund distributed by the Chancellor.


"Our outstanding participation rate above all reflects Isenberg's commitment to generosity and to students who make the most of their opportunities," observes Chris Agoglia, who along with fellow Isenberg professor Bob Nakosteen and Director of Technology Support & Service Susan Boyer excelled as point persons for the campaign. The trio also received invaluable support from Isenberg Annual Fund Director Bonnie Zima Dowd.  "As faculty and staff, we are no less passionate than students and alumni about Isenberg's unique culture."