Gift of Twelve Bloomberg Terminals Energizes Finance Education at Isenberg

April 11, 2013

A gift of twelve Bloomberg terminals to Isenberg from the investment management firm, Babson Capital Management, is giving Isenberg students a competitive edge and convenient, hands-on access to the investment industry standard in navigating financial and news data bases. "It's a tremendous asset for all Isenberg finance students," observes finance department chair Sanjay Nawalkha. "Facility with the Bloombergs coupled with our own comprehensive curriculum will allow our students to hit the ground running in internships and after graduation," he emphasizes. Students, he adds, can enhance their resumes through an on-line certification exam from Bloomberg. And Isenberg's finance department and the School's Technology Support Services are offering training sessions on the machines to all Isenberg students and faculty.


"The Bloombergs offer seamless access to a wealth of real-time and historical financial data-currency markets, commodity markets, corporate bond markets, international equity-you name it," remarks Ozi Sander, a senior finance major who gained facility with Bloombergs last summer in an internship with Citigroup. "What's really powerful is that financial and analytical tools are built right into the machines so that you can do instant financial and statistical analysis on the data." For still greater flexibility, he continues, you can download data bases for further analysis onto your own Excel spread sheet.


The Bloombergs, notes Nawalkha, are a critical learning resource in an innovative undergraduate finance curriculum that is both data driven and analytical. Isenberg, he says, now has separate curricular tracks in Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, and Alternative Investments. In all of those fields Bloombergs are complementary goods. The same is true for activities in the department's three student organizations--the Finance Society, the Investment Club, and the Minutemen Equity Fund, which manages a six-figure portfolio.


The Bloombergs came to Isenberg in the aftermath of discussions between Mila Sherman, an associate professor of finance, and Jay Leonard '06 MBA, a specialist in economic and financial research at Babson Capital. A guest practitioner and lecturer in Sherman's seminar, Alternative Investments, Leonard engaged a team of students in the course in a hands-on research practicum. For Sherman, immersion in industry projects dovetails with a bottom-line objective: "We want to give our students the best possible education and tools for managing risk," she emphasizes. Concurring with Sherman on the value of Bloombergs toward that aim, Leonard and Babson Capital's president, Clifford Noreen'80, also an Isenberg alumnus, helped secure the gift. It is an act of generosity that will keep on giving to thousands of Isenberg students.


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