Eighty Recruiting Companies to Attend Isenberg Career Day on October 3

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series on Career Day

September 19, 2013

"Isenberg's annual Career Day is easily our highest-profile event," observes Chase Career Center Director of Recruiting Operations Melissa Salva. At this year's gathering on October 3 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at UMass Amherst's Campus Center Auditorium, Salva expects attendance by over 1,200 students and 80 employers. Isenberg Career Day, she emphasizes, is above all an opportunity for students and employers to exchange information about one another. Through company literature and conversations with recruiters (many accompanied by Isenberg alumni who work at the recruiting companies), students gain an introduction to the companies and their hiring initiatives-both for permanent positions and internships.


Why Great Companies Recruit at Isenberg from Isenberg School of Management on Vimeo.


"The diverse scope of the participating companies ensures that there will be opportunities for students in all of our seven majors," Salva continues. "With workshops and coaching from Chase under their belts, they come to the event with polished resumes and ready to engage recruiters in productive career discussions," she observes. Isenberg Career Day, she adds, is one asset among many in a career and professional development strategy for students that spans their entire four-year experience at Isenberg. Apart from Isenberg Career Day, which highlights many of Chase's key recruiting relationships, they learn about opportunities through the career center's Isenberg.Experience job-posting system messages and its career services blog, RecruitingEdge. And with Chase's encouragement, they learn to utilize independent resources like the Vault Career Library and LinkedIn.



Recruiter Profile: Karin Gilmartin--McGladrey's LLP

"Isenberg Career Day is one of our best opportunities to meet and interact with Isenberg students; it's also a great vehicle to explain what our firm does," observes Karin Gilmartin, Campus Talent Acquisition Leader with the accounting firm, McGladrey LLP. "Everyone knows about the Big 4," Gilmartin remarks.  "As the fifth largest accounting firm, McGladrey has the feel of a regional, but it also has a national and international presence. At the same time, we're the only major accounting firm dedicated to middle market clients.


"There'll be six of us at this year's Career Day, including business practitioners [i.e., nonrecruiters] who will give students an inside, in-depth look at our culture and at what we do," notes Gilmartin.  (McGladrey's Director of Human Resources, John Micalizzi '94, is a frequent Isenberg Career Day visitor.)  "The Chase Career Center and the students themselves make it easy and efficient for me as a recruiter," Gilmartin continues. "The students are extremely well prepared; they ask insightful questions, bring highly polished resumes, and exhibit great professionalism. They're very savvy and proactive, qualities that, I think, reflect their ability to thrive at a large university, where they must be self-starters who take a lot of personal initiative."


Those qualities, adds Gilmartin, are desirable in an accounting professional-McGladrey's increasing hiring of Isenberg graduates has done nothing to dispel that.  In 2012, the firm hired 11 Isenberg graduating seniors as auditors and tax professionals. This year, McGladrey has already hired fourteen seniors and three interns.


Next week, in our lead-up to Career Day on October 3, Isenberg News will feature profiles of two additional recruiters: Danica Porter of Macy's and Diana Frascella of Vistaprint.