Center for Executive Engagement and Leadership

The Center will dramatically increase alumni participation at Isenberg, connect more effectively with our executive alumni network and-with leverage from that network-expand every Isenberg student's sphere of influence.

The Center will catalyze curricular and educational change at Isenberg, with an immediate impact on Dean Fuller's own course, Dean's Freshman Leadership Seminar. That course, which features lectures by alumni business leaders, sets the stage for four years of frequent classroom visits by alumni role models.


Center for Entrepreneurship

The Center provides services to entrepreneurial students and alumni. Alumni can participate as mentors in the Mentors & Ventures Program (MVP). Alumni starting new businesses can receive mentoring in the same program.


Chase Career Center Expansion

A strategically renewed Chase Center will improve student competitiveness in the job market through investments in cutting-edge staff and expanded alumni mentorship programs. Students will gain an edge in "reading" and adapting to corporate cultures, developing high-value skill sets, and recognizing employment opportunities.