Career Opportunities in Management Accounting

The field of management accounting is quite broad in scope, in the nature of work performed, and in the type and size of organization involved. More employment opportunities exist in this field than in any other area of accounting. The management accounting career track includes positions such as staff accountant, budget officer, industrial accountant, cost analyst, treasurer, controller, financial vice president, and chief financial officer.

The field of management accounting has evolved over the past years in the nature of work performed and its status in the profession. The increasing complexity and globalization of business and the need for sound financial planning have created the need for individuals trained not only in accounting, but other disciplines as well. Management accountants are needed in all manufacturing, merchandising and service enterprises, as well as in non-profit organizations such as governmental agencies (such as the IRS, GAO, and the FBI), hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) offers a Certificate in Management Accounting (CMA) to recognize the professional competence of the field. To be certified in the field, the individual must pass an examination which consists of four parts: Part 1 - Economics, Finance and Management; Part 2 - Financial Accounting and Reporting; Part 3 - Management Reporting, Analysis and Behavioral Issues; and Part 4 - Decision Analysis and Information Systems. Information on the CMA exam may be obtained by calling the IMA at 1-800-638-4427.