Career Opportunities in Information Systems

Computer technology has had a profound impact upon society in general, and particularly in Accounting. The accounting profession has recognized the need for increased training in the area of computer-based information systems. No matter what the objectives of accounting students might be, the understanding of computer-based information systems that generate timely and relevant accounting, financial, and operating information is fundamental. The accountant's work environment has changed dramatically due to computers which are being used increasingly by all types of organizations, large and small. Management has become highly dependent upon computer-based information systems and individuals trained as information systems specialists.

The advent of personal computers, minicomputers, data communication, networks, virtual storage, multi-programming, service bureaus, and new information systems techniques has made the use of computer technology financially and technically feasible for even small organizations. Sophisticated information systems are evolving which employ massive data bases permitting immediate access to vast amounts of data. These systems are concerned with the collection, storage, update, retrieval, and processing of all data, accounting, marketing, finance, etc. Furthermore, this trend will continue as the cost of this technology continues to decline.

Public accounting firms, governmental agencies, management consulting organizations, and various commercial business organizations have created an increasing demand for individuals trained in computer-based information systems. There is a great demand for graduates with systems expertise.

Organizations devoted more exclusively to information systems have certificate programs such as the Data Processing Management Association Certificate in Data Processing (CDP) and the EDP Auditors Association Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) program.