Recent Isenberg School Graduate Places First in Statewide CPA Exams

Thu., May 1, 2008                                                                                                                 Steve AldenSteve Alden
Two years ago, when senior accounting major Steve Alden '06 approached the dais to receive  an award at the Isenberg School's Annual Awards Banquet, a remark rang out from the back of the banquet room.  "He's the best student I've ever had!" pealed a voice audible to the entire room. It turned out to be the affirmation of legendary accounting professor Richard  Simpson. By his own count, Professor Simpson has taught 6,150 accounting students during his  41 years on the Isenberg School faculty. So Steve Alden, who is an audit associate with KPMG's  Boston office, is truly exceptional. Just how exceptional is evident in Steve's cumulative CPA score:  he placed first in a field of 615 successful Massachusetts exam takers!


KPMG's press release on Steve Alden's accomplishments.