Accounting Honors Program

General Guidelines

We encourage all accounting students to learn more about the Commonwealth Honors College (  Requirements for graduating with honors reflect Commonwealth Honors College's commitment to community, academic excellence, and a breadth of knowledge beyond any single discipline.

Students who complete the full curriculum of Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) - (comprised of General Studies and Advanced Scholarship components) -- are eligible for graduation with one of the College's honors credentials on their diplomas.  Partial-curriculum credentials are also possible.  Please see the CHC site for a full discussion of the honors credentials.

Latin Honors is a separate system based on a student's percentile rank within his/her school or college. All students are eligible for Latin Honors regardless of CHC membership.  

Departmental Honors Requirements 

Accounting Departmental Honors (DH) is an Advanced Scholarship track of Commonwealth Honors College (CHC). Students may complete Accounting DH as part of the full CHC curriculum, which includes Honors General Studies, or they may complete Accounting DH alone. Visit the Commonwealth Honors College website for a full discussion of the curriculum requirements.   

In general, to complete Accounting Departmental Honors, a student must
•    Be admitted to Accounting Departmental Honors (see below)
•    Complete 2 approved 1-credit Accounting honors "enrichment colloquia"
•    Complete an approved 6-credit Honors Thesis, Project or Seminar.

Please see the complete requirements for completing Accounting Departmental Honors
For more information about the course requirements and offerings please contact the Honors Program Director.


Admittance to the DH track

Students who are already members of CHC should meet with the department's Honors Program Director (HPD) regarding their interest in joining Accounting DH, an Advanced Scholarship CHC sub-plan. The HPD will determine a student's eligibility and preparedness for Accounting DH.  The HPD will notify the CHC office of newly accepted DH students so appropriate steps can be taken to designate the sub-plan on SPIRE.

UMass Amherst students who are not already members of Commonwealth Honors College must apply to Departmental Honors (DH), an Advanced Scholarship CHC sub-plan, via the CHC online application using the following link.