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The program requires 30 credits broken down as follows:

MSA Required Core Course (21 credits)

  1. SCH-MGMT 697O, Professional Responsibilities for Accountants
  2. SCH-MGMT 697TA, Information Technology for Accountants
  3. SCH-MGMT 736, Taxes and Business Decisions
  4. SCH-MGMT 739, Advanced Topics: Financial Accounting Theory and Research
  5. SCH-MGMT 797AA, Financial Statement Analysis
  6. SCH-MGMT 797AT, Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting
  7. SCH-MGMT 797AU, Advanced Audit

MSA Electives (up to 9 credits, 3 credits required)

  1. SCH-MGMT 697AB, Special Topics; Contemporary Issues in the Profession

  2. SCH-MGMT 697BE, Accounting in Today's Business Environment
  3. SCH-MGMT 697V, Speaking with Power and Presence (1 credit module)
  4. SCH-MGMT 697WB, Writing for Business (1 credit module)
  5. SCH-MGMT 697ZZ

MBA Electives (up to 6 credits, none required, all online)

The following courses may NOT be taken for MSA degree credit:

  • SCH-MGMT 633, Financial and Managerial Accounting

  • SCH-MGMT 640, Corporate Finance
  • SCH-MGMT 660, Marketing Strategy
  • SCH-MGMT 689, Organizational Strategy
  • SCH-MGMT 632, Strategic Information Management
  • SCH-MGMT 583, CPA Law
  • SCH-MGMT 521, Financial Accounting I
  • SCH-MGMT 522, Financial Accounting II
  • SCH-MGMT 523, Financial Accounting III


Our curriculum was developed in close consultation with our Accounting Advisory Council - a group of alumni partners and executives strongly committed to the quality of our programs.


The curriculum offers both breadth and depth of knowledge in accounting and business.

  • Tax Implications for Business decisions
  • Financial Valuation
  • Information Management
  • Using technology for Competitive Advantage
  • Financial markets and Investments
  • Ethical Standards and Practices


And is designed to enhance essential business skills

  • researching Financial reporting issues
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Speaking with Power and Presence
  • Business Writing