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The program requires 30 credits broken down as follows:

MSA Required Core Course (21 credits)

  1. SCH-MGMT 697O, Professional Responsibilities for Accountants
  2. SCH-MGMT 697TA, Information Technology for Accountants
  3. SCH-MGMT 736, Taxes and Business Decisions
  4. SCH-MGMT 739, Advanced Topics: Financial Accounting Theory and Research
  5. SCH-MGMT 797AA, Financial Statement Analysis
  6. SCH-MGMT 797AT, Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting
  7. SCH-MGMT 797AU, Advanced Audit

MSA Electives (up to 9 credits, 3 credits required)

  1. SCH-MGMT 697AB, Special Topics; Contemporary Issues in the Profession

  2. SCH-MGMT 697BE, Accounting in Today's Business Environment
  3. SCH-MGMT 697V, Speaking with Power and Presence (1 credit module)
  4. SCH-MGMT 697WB, Writing for Business (1 credit module)
  5. SCH-MGMT 697ZZ

MBA Electives** (up to 6 credits, none required, all online)

The following courses may NOT be taken for MSA degree credit:

  • SCH-MGMT 633, Financial and Managerial Accounting

  • SCH-MGMT 640, Corporate Finance
  • SCH-MGMT 660, Marketing Strategy
  • SCH-MGMT 689, Organizational Strategy
  • SCH-MGMT 632, Strategic Information Management
  • SCH-MGMT 583, CPA Law
  • SCH-MGMT 521, Financial Accounting I
  • SCH-MGMT 522, Financial Accounting II
  • SCH-MGMT 523, Financial Accounting III

**The MBA electives you take to satisfy the requirements of the MSA degree cannot be used to complete an MBA degree.  


Our curriculum was developed in close consultation with our Accounting Advisory Council - a group of alumni partners and executives strongly committed to the quality of our programs.


The curriculum offers both breadth and depth of knowledge in accounting and business.

  • Tax Implications for Business decisions
  • Financial Valuation
  • Information Management
  • Using technology for Competitive Advantage
  • Financial markets and Investments
  • Ethical Standards and Practices


And is designed to enhance essential business skills

  • researching Financial reporting issues
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Speaking with Power and Presence
  • Business Writing