Candidates are evaluated based on academic history, GMAT results, evidence of motivation and aptitude for graduate-level work, and professional experience.


The MS in Accounting program is designed for students that have an undergraduate degree in accounting.  The degree must include, or be supplemented by, courses that provide a solid foundation in accounting and business. In general, this would require, at a minimum, 18 semester hours in accounting (to include financial reporting, managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing), and 24 semester hours in business related courses (to include information systems, economics, business statistics, finance, management, and marketing) completed at the undergraduate level.


If you do not have an undergraduate accounting degree, the following courses would need to be completed before applying to the MS in Accounting program:


  • Financial Accounting I, Accountg 321
  • Financial Accounting II, Accountg 322
  • Cost Accounting, Accountg 331
  • Audit, Accountg 491B
  • Individual Taxation, Accountg 371
  • Advanced Financial Accounting, SCH-MGMT 523

These courses are offered as part of our online BBA degree.  Click here to find out more. You can also take these courses at another four year accredited university.

Prospective Students

A Graduate School Application may be obtained:

Applications must be submitted directly to the University Graduate Admissions Office and should include:

  • Completed application (specify MS in Accounting Program)
  • Personal statement
  • Official GMAT score report*
  • An official copy of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended**
  • Resume and two letters of recommendation
* not required of applicants having a baccalaureate degree from the Isenberg School of Management or those who have successfully passed all sections of the CPA exam.

** International applicants may need a transcript evaluation completed by NIES (NASBA International Evaluation Services) or CED (Center for Educational Documentation) to have your educational credentials evaluated.  


The MS in Accounting program may be entered during the Fall, Spring or Summer session. Application deadlines are October 1 for Spring admission and February 1 for Summer and Fall admission.


Prior to submitting an application, potential applicants are eligible to apply to enroll in up to two MSA Program courses (six credits) from the online course offerings. Should you be accepted into the Program, these credits are transferable onto your MSA graduate transcript. Please note that for these credits to be eligible for transfer to your MSA graduate transcript, they cannot have been used to fulfill any requirement for any other degree.