Newell Rubbermaid's Sponsorship of NASCAR 

The Center developed an ROI Sponsorship Model to evaluate Newell-Rubbermaid's sponsorship of NASCAR. 


The statistical model:


  • Assessed brand image relative to key competitors
  • Identified the impact of sponsorship for hand tools, power tools, torches, and solders  
  • Determined the cost of ROI and compared it to the marginal increase in customer equity


Client Quote:

"The [McCormack Center] ROSI team helped us clarify the role that NASCAR sponsorship was playing in our brand building efforts. They helped us understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our program, allowing us to realistically assess the role sponsorship plays in our overall brand building budgets. Their insights enabled us to make smart, informed, data driven decisions."


Mark Leichthammer

Director, Global Consumer Insights, LENOX

Industrial Products & Services

Newell Rubbermaid