MVP: Alumni & Friends

The Mentors & Ventures Program (MVP) provides a fun and efficient forum to discover quality entrepreneurs and fellow mentors.  The MVP team is constantly sourcing new ventures, mentors, and running all of the behind-the-scene logistics so ventures and mentors can focus on innovation.


The program meets monthly in Greater Boston so that mentors have a chance to build real relationships and see how the ventures evolve over time. Between the monthly sessions mentors give as much, or as little, time to each venture as they feel appropriate. The levels of commitment are described below.


To learn more, please contact us.


Visiting Mentor - Any alumni or friend of the University may attend an MVP meeting and provide guidance to the entrepreneurs who attend that evening.  No further commitment required.  A Visiting Mentor may offer to follow up with specific assistance to an entrepreneur he or she meets. 


Consulting Mentor - After a Visiting Mentor attends at least three MVP meetings he or she may choose to become a Consulting Mentor (CM).  A CM commits to enter into a more in-depth relationship with the entrepreneur, and a willingness to give feedback on company documents.  Those interested in becoming a Consulting Mentor will have a discussion with MVP staff, and participate in a half-hour online orientation about roles and responsibilities.  CM's will sign an agreement which spells out same.


Master Mentor -  A Master Mentor (MM) commits to advising more than one entrepreneur at a time, and works closely with MVP staff in developing and operating MVP.