Living Communities

Sophomores interested in entrepreneurship have the option to live together in a dedicated Living-Learning Community.  Details here.


Courses To Consider at UMass Amherst [learn more on Spire]


  • ONLINE: BDIC 391ES - Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • ONLINE: HM&FNART 391AS  Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • ONLINE: SCH-MGMT 397B - Intro to Entrepreneurship - Student develop a document describing your own new venture idea.
  • ONLINE: UWW 397E - Funding Sustainable Enterprises - Introduction to the different sources of funding available to startups.
  • ONLINE: UWW 397 A - Introduction to Sustainable Entrepreneurship.  Fall.  
  • Independent Study in Entrepreneurship: contact us to sign up
  • MANAGMNT 241 - New Venture Creation.  Gen Ed course (SB)  Study the feasibility of a new venture you imagine.  Fall & Spring.
  • ResEc 324B - Core business planning course required for the Resource Economics major.
  • MANAGMNT 341- New Ventures - Case-based entrepreneurship course focusing on the entrepreneurial experience. Fall.
  • HM&FNART 391AS - Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • SPORTMGT392D - Sport Entrepreneurship
  • SCH-MGMT 397A - Introduction to Entrepreneurship  1 credit Fall and Spring
  • MANAGMNT 397A - New Venture Finance.  Sources of funding and how to secure them.  Spring (Except Spring 2014)
  • BDIC 397B - Leadership & Networking  Fall and Spring
  • PLSOILIN 397 M - Applied entrepreneurship course related to plant and soil businesses.
  • JOURNAL 397EJ - Entrepreneurial Journalism
  • SCH-MGMT 491E - Field Experience in Entrepreneurship.  Do a consulting project for a startup.  Fall.
  • MANAGMNT 491B - Social Entrepreneurship.   Fall
  • MKTG 491 - Small Business Marketing course in which students write a marketing plan for a Small Business Development Center client company in western Massachusetts.  Spring.
  • M&I-ENG 491E  Engineering Leadership, Innovation, Teaching and Entrepreneurship Seminar
  • ENG 496E  Independent Study. Instructor permission required. Course deals with developing a business plan
  • ENGIN 597B - Technology Management. Focuses on the planning of real businesses with a strong technological component. Fall
  • SCH-MGMT 597B - Technology Management. Co-listed with ENGIN 597A Fall


Graduate Courses 

  • ONLINE: SCH-MGMT 697 ET - Business Planning
  • ONLINE: SCH-MGMT 797 AG ST B - Business Planning
  • SCH-MGMT 697RE - Real Estate Entrepreneurship - Course in which students conduct a hands on exploration of real ventures in real estate.
  • SCH-MGMT 792 G - Venture Capital course in which students review real business plans in a effort to determine the viability of the business and the potential risk of investment.  Not offered till further notice.
  • SCH-MGMT 797 B - Technology Management course that is offered jointly by Isenberg and the Engineering Department focusing on assessing the commercial potential of a new technology.  Fall


Are we missing a course? Please let us know - thanks!