Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM)

The Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets places the Isenberg School in the forefront of academic institutions that conduct research into derivatives, alternative investments and asset and risk management. CISDM promotes interactions between the academic and business communities, and disseminates educational material on international financial markets to financial and nonfinancial firms.


The center is home to Morningstar - CISDM Hedge Fund Database, which tracks the performance of hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, and managed futures funds. CISDM is one of the founders of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst program, the first global accrediting initiative for alternative investment professionals.

CISDM funds research activities for faculty and students and sponsors annual conferences in Amherst, and New York.

CISDM's quarterly periodical - The Journal of Alternative Investments - is distributed by Institutional Investor and is considered the world's leading refereed publication in its subject area.

For further information, visit CISDM's website or contact: 


CISDM Administrator
+1 413 577 3166